manganese peroxidase

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2 Mn(II) + 2 H+ +

= 2 Mn(III) + 2 H2O


hybrid Mn-peroxidase, L-MnP, LeMnP2, manganese peroxidase, manganese-dependent peroxidase, Mn-dependent (NADH-oxidizing) peroxidase, Mn2+: hydrogen peroxide oxidoreductase, Mn2+:hydrogen peroxide oxidoreductase, MnP, MnP 1, MnP II, MnP-GY, MnP-PGY, mnp1, MnP2, MnP3, MnP6, MP, multifunctional manganese peroxidase, Nf b19 MNP2, peroxidase, manganese, peroxidase-M2


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.11 Acting on a peroxide as acceptor
             1.11.1 Peroxidases
       manganese peroxidase


Expression on EC - manganese peroxidase

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copper increases the transcript levels of the manganese peroxidase genes mnp1 and mnp2
enyzme synthesis is species- and strain-dependent
MnP is produced in media with sawdust
the optimum temperature for MnP production is 37°C. The amount of MnP registered at this temperature is 2.4 and 2.1times higher than that obtained in the treatments incubated at 30°C
the presence of laccase activity in the medium with sawdust probably depresses the expression of MnP