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Details for Atg1/ULK1 kinase complex
Gene ontology ID
A protein complex consisting of Atg1 (or Atg1 homologs e.g. ULK1, ULK2 in mammals) and Atg13 along with other proteins that regulate its function (e.g. Atg17 in yeast or RB1CC1(FIP200) in mammals). This complex has serine/threonine protein kinase activity and is involved in autophagosome formation
1. ATG1 kinase complex
2. ATG1-ATG13 complex
3. ATG1/ULK1 signaling complex
4. Atg1p signalling complex
5. autophagy-initiation complex
6. ULK complex
7. ULK1 complex
8. ULK1 signaling complex
9. ULK1-ATG13-FIP200 complex
10. ULK1-ATG13-RB1CC1 complex
1. GOC: bhm
3. GOC: rb
4. PMID 15743910
5. PMID 19211835
6. PMID 19258318
7. PMID 19597335
8. PMID 22885598
9. IntAct: EBI-2352849
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