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Details for homomeric SMAD protein complex
Gene ontology ID
A protein complex composed of a single type of SMAD family proteins. In the absence of Smad4, phosphorylation of R-SMADs results in their homotrimerization. However, these complexes do not appear to import into the nucleus and are assumed to be transcriptionally inactive
1. SMAD1 homotrimer complex
2. SMAD1 protein complex
3. SMAD2 homotrimer complex
4. SMAD2 protein complex
5. SMAD3 homotrimer complex
6. SMAD3 protein complex
1. GOC: bhm
2. GOC: mah
3. PMID 11779505
4. PMID 16322555
5. PMID 9670020
6. IntAct: EBI-10043504
7. IntAct: EBI-10043549
8. IntAct: EBI-10043574
9. IntAct: EBI-10043586
10. IntAct: EBI-10828213
11. IntAct: EBI-10828300
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