acetylxylan esterase

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+ 3 H2O = 3 acetic acid +


More, Esterase, acetyl, Acetyte esterase, Acetic ester hydrolase, Acetyl esterase, Acetylglucomannan esterase, Acetylnaphthylesterase, C-esterase, Chloroacetate esterase, Chloroesterase, Citrus acetylesterase, Esterase, C-, Heroin esterase, N-Acetylphosphinothricin deacetylase, Naphthal AS-D chloroacetate deacetylase, xylanase, CE1, CE2, AE, acetyl xylan esterase, AxeA, AcXE, acetyl xylan esterase II, acetyl xylan esterase I, AXE I, AXE, AXE II, BnaA, XynA, AXEII, acetyl (xylan) esterase, Axe6A, acetyl xylan esterase, putative, acetylxylan esterase A, SlCE4, Axe6B, AoAXE, Xyn10B, CtAxe, Vvaxe1, acetyl xylan esterase A, Axe1, acetylxylan esterase, bifunctional acetylxylan esterase/xylanase, XynS20E, Axe2, Axe3, AXE/CAH, acetyl xylan esterase/cephalosporin acetyl hydrolase, CE6 AcXE, acetyl xylan esterase 2, PcAxe2, alkaline acetyl xylan esterase, Est2A, acetyl xylan esterase 1, CA esterase, acetyl xylo-oligosaccharide esterase, CE1 AcXE, CE4 AcXE, CE5 AcXE, NaM1, An12 g05010, CE5, CE6, CE3, CE4, DFP58_4623, Abf62A-Axe6A, Acel_0180


     3 Hydrolases
         3.1 Acting on ester bonds
             3.1.1 Carboxylic-ester hydrolases
       acetylxylan esterase