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4 benzenediol +

= 4 benzosemiquinone + 2 H2O


ATM, benzenediol oxygen oxidoreductase, benzenediol-oxygen oxidoreductase, benzenediol: oxygen oxidoreductase, benzenediol:O2 oxidoreductase, Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase, blue laccase, blue multicopper oxidase, CcLCC6, CotA, CotA laccase, CotA-type laccase, DcLac1, DcLac2, Diphenol oxidase, EpoA, Ery4, Ery4 laccase, Hvo_B0205, LAC, Lac I, Lac II, Lac-3.5, Lac-4.8, LAC1, Lac2, Lac2a, LAC3, Lac4, LacA, Lacc, laccase, laccase 1, laccase 3, laccase A, Laccase allele OR, Laccase allele TS, laccase CueO, laccase POXA3b, laccase-2, laccase2, Lcc, lcc1, Lcc2, Lcc3, LccA, lccdelta, lccgamma, Ligninolytic phenoloxidase, MAL, McoP, MmPPO laccase, MmPPOA, More, multicopper oxidase, p-benzenediol:dioxygen oxidoreductase, p-diphenol dioxygen oxidoreductase, p-diphenol oxidase, p-diphenol: dioxygen oxidoreductase, p-diphenol:dioxygenoxidoreductase, p-diphenol:O2 oxidoreductase, p-diphenol:oxygen oxidoreductase, p-diphenol:oxygen-oxidoreductase, PCL, phenol oxidase, polyphenol oxidase A, POXA1b, POXA1w, POXA2, POXA3 laccase, POXA3a, POXA3b, POXC, PpoA, SLAC, SN4LAC, spore coat A protein, spore coat protein A, SRL1, ThL, TTC1370, TthLAC, urishiol oxidase, urushiol oxidase, Wlac, yellow laccase


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.10 Acting on diphenols and related substances as donors
             1.10.3 With oxygen as acceptor