cysteine synthase

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hydrogen sulfide


(OAS-TL)-like protein, acetylserine sulfhydrylase, At-OASS, ATCC 23270 protein, beta-cyano-L-alanine synthase, CS-A, CS-B, CS1, CS26, CS3, CSase, CSase A, CSase B, CSC, Cys synthase complex, cysK, CysK1, CysK2, CYSL, cysl-2, CysM, Cysteine synthase, cysteine synthase 1, cysteine synthase A, cysteine synthase B, cysteine synthase, chloroplastic/chromoplastic, cysteine synthase, mitochondrial, cysteine synthetase, DcsD, EC, EhCS, EhCS1, EhCS3, EhOASS, GmOAS-TL1, GmOAS-TL2, GmOAS-TL3, GmOAS-TL4, GmOAS-TL6, GmOAS-TL7, GmOASTL4, GsOAS-TL1, GYY4137, HiOASS, HiOASS-A, LbrCS, Nt-OAS-TL, O -acetylserine (thiol)-lyase, O-acetyl-L-serine (thiol) lyase, O-acetyl-L-serine acetate-lyase (adding hydrogen sulfide), O-acetyl-L-serine sulfhydrylase, O-acetyl-L-serine sulfhydrylase B, O-acetyl-L-serine sulfohydrolase, O-acetyl-L-serine(thiol)lyase, O-acetylserine (thiol) lyase, O-acetylserine (Thiol)-lyase, O-acetylserine (thiol)-lyase A, O-acetylserine (thiol)-lyase B, O-acetylserine (thiol)lyase, O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase, O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase A, O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase B, O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase isoenzyme B, O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase-A, O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase-B, O-acetylserine thiol lyase, O-acetylserine(thiol)lyase, O-acetylserine-(thiol)lyase, O-acetylserine-O-acetylhomoserine sulfhydro-lyase, O3-acetyl-L-serine:hydrogen-sulfide 2-amino-2-carboxyethyltransferase, OAS Shase, OAS thiol-lyases, OAS-TL, OAS-TL A, OAS-TL B, OAS-TL C, OASA1, OASS, OASS-A, OASS-B, OASTL, OASTL-A, OASTL-A1, old3-1, OPSS, protein ONSET OF LEAF DEATH 3, S-sulfocysteine synthase, SSC synthase, StOASTL A, StOASTL B, sulfhydrylase/cysteine synthase, synthase, cysteine, TvCS1


     2 Transferases
         2.5 Transferring alkyl or aryl groups, other than methyl groups
             2.5.1 Transferring alkyl or aryl groups, other than methyl groups (only sub-subclass identified to date)
       cysteine synthase