hydrogenase (acceptor)

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reduced acceptor


ECH, Ech hydrogenase, EchA, EchB, EchD, EchE, EchF, endo-hydrogenase, exo-hydrogenase, F420-reducing [NiFe] hydrogenase, factor420 hydrogenase, Fe-hydrogenase, Fe-only hydrogenase, ferredoxin hydrogenase, H2 producing hydrogenase [ambiguous], H2-sensing [NiFe] hydrogenase, Hfs, Hmd, HoxEFUYH type [NiFe] hydrogenase, HoxG, HupL, HupS, hupSLW, Hya, HyaA, HyaB, Hyb, HybA, HycE, Hyd X, Hyd-1, Hyd-2, HYD1, hydA, HydA1, HydA2, HydB, hydrogen dehydrogenase, hydrogen uptake hydrogenase, hydrogen-forming methylenetetrahydromethanopterin dehydrogenase, hydrogen-lyase, hydrogen-lyase [ambiguous], hydrogen:ferredoxin oxidoreductase, hydrogen:methylviologen oxidoreductase, hydrogenase (ferredoxin), hydrogenase 1, hydrogenase 2, hydrogenase 3, hydrogenase I (bidirectional), hydrogenase II, hydrogenase II (uptake), hydrogenase-1, hydrogenase-Fe-S, hydrogenlyase [ambiguous], HyhL, HynSL, HynSL hydrogenase, Hyq, iron-sulfur-cluster-free hydrogenase, Mbh, membrane-bound [NiFe]-hydrogenase, methyl viologen-reducing hydrogenase, methylviologen hydrogenase, Ni-Fe hydrogenase, nickel-iron hydrogenase, NiFe hydrogenase, NiFe-hydrogenase, NIFeSe-hydrogenase, regulatory hydrogenase, respiratory hydrogenase, SHI, uptake hydrogenase, uptake hydrogenase [ambiguous], uptake [NiFe] hydrogenase:, uptake [NiFe]-hydrogenase, [FeFe] hydrogenase, [FeFe]-H2ase, [FeFe]-hydrogenase, [FeFe]H2ase, [Fe] hydrogenase, [Fe]-hydA, [Fe]-hydrogenase, [Ni-Fe] hydrogenase, [NiFeSe]-hydrogenase, [NiFe] hydrogenase, [NiFe]-hydrogenase, [NiFe]-hydrogenase 2, [NiFe]-hydrogenase-2, [NiFe]H2ase, [NiFe]hydrogenase


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.12 Acting on hydrogen as donor
             1.12.99 With unknown physiological acceptors
       hydrogenase (acceptor)