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Details for electron transfer activity
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Any molecular entity that serves as an electron acceptor and electron donor in an electron transport chain. An electron transport chain is a process in which a series of electron carriers operate together to transfer electrons from donors to any of several different terminal electron acceptors to generate a transmembrane electrochemical gradient
1. electron acceptor activity
2. electron carrier
3. electron donor activity
4. electron transporter activity
1. ISBN 0198506732
2. Reactome: R-HSA-1362408 "FXN:NFS1:ISD11:ISCU assembles 2Fe-2S iron-sulfur cluster"
3. Reactome: R-HSA-169260 "Reducing equivalents from beta-oxidation of fatty acids transfer to ETF"
4. Reactome: R-HSA-2564826 "4Fe-4S cluster assembles on NUBP2:NUBP1 scaffold"
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