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  • Shindo, K.; Hasunuma, T.; Asagi, E.; Sano, A.; Hotta, E.; Minemura, N.; Miyake, C.; Maoka, T.; Misawa, N.
    4-Ketoantheraxanthin, a novel carotenoid produced by the combination of the bacterial enzyme beta-carotene ketolase CrtW and endogenous carotenoid biosynthetic enzymes in higher plants (2008), Tetrahedron Lett., 49, 3294-3296 .
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Application Comment Organism
synthesis the combination of the foreign bacterial enzyme CrtW and the endogenous carotenoid biosynthesis enzymes for synthesizing antheraxanthin in tobacco plants isable to produce the novel carotenoid 4-ketoantherazanthin Brevundimonas sp. NBRC 101024


Cloned (Comment) Organism
the genes coding for CrtW and CrtZ from Brevundimonas sp. SD212 are introduced into Nicotiana tabacum by transplastomic engineering (plastid-transformation engineering) and expressed successfully Brevundimonas sp. NBRC 101024


Organism UniProt Comment Textmining
Brevundimonas sp. NBRC 101024 Q4W8B0


Synonyms Comment Organism
Brevundimonas sp. NBRC 101024