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Information on EC - biotin synthase

for references in articles please use BRENDA:EC2.8.1.6
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EC Tree
     2 Transferases
         2.8 Transferring sulfur-containing groups
             2.8.1 Sulfurtransferases
       biotin synthase
IUBMB Comments
The enzyme binds a [4Fe-4S] and a [2Fe-2S] cluster. In every reaction cycle, the enzyme consumes two molecules of AdoMet, each producing 5'-deoxyadenosine and a putative dethiobiotinyl carbon radical. Reaction with another equivalent of AdoMet results in abstraction of the C6 methylene pro-S hydrogen atom from 9-mercaptodethiobiotin, and the resulting carbon radical is quenched via formation of an intramolecular C-S bond, thus closing the biotin thiophane ring. The sulfur donor is believed to be the [2Fe-2S] cluster, which is sacrificed in the process, so that in vitro the reaction is a single turnover. In vivo, the [2Fe-2S] cluster can be reassembled by the Isc or Suf iron-sulfur cluster assembly systems, to allow further catalysis.
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Word Map
The expected taxonomic range for this enzyme is: Eukaryota, Bacteria
biotin synthetase, ncgl0071, more
dethiobiotin + sulfur-(sulfur carrier) + 2 S-adenosyl-L-methionine + 2 reduced [2Fe-2S] ferredoxin = biotin + (sulfur carrier) + 2 L-methionine + 2 5'-deoxyadenosine + 2 oxidized [2Fe-2S] ferredoxin
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