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EC Number
Amino acid exchange
reversed polarity and improved activity
reversed polarity and improved activity
double mutant, improved activity
cathepsin X overexpression reduces LFA-1 clustering and induces an intermediate affinity LFA-1 conformation that is known to associate with alpha-actinin-1. Migration of primary T cell is reduced by cathepsin X-specific siRNA silencing
cell surface cathepsin X compensates for CTSB in PyMT,ctsb-/- tumor cells, overview
generation of Ctsz null mice and crossing with Ctsb-deficient mice harboring a transgene for the mammary duct-specific expression of polyoma middle T oncogene, PymT. The double mutant mice show significant and prominent delay of early and advanced tumor development, improved histopathologic tumor grading, as well as a 70% reduction in the number of lung metastases and an 80% reduction in the size of these metastases. The double deficiency of Ctsb and Ctsz exerts significant synergistic anticancer effects, whereas the single deficiencies demonstrate at least partial reciprocal compensation
the enzyme is upregulated in glia cells of degenerating brain regions in a transgenic mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, SOD1-G93A, and associated with plaques in transgenic mice expressing the human amyloid precursor protein APP containing the mutation K670M/N671L, overview
Results 1 - 8 of 8