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EC Number
Amino acid exchange
no activity with authentic 4beta-(S-cysteinyl)-epicatechin with recombinant mutant LAR
a lar-1/anr-1 double mutant displays darkred colour resulting from redirected metabolic flow from anthocyanidin to anthocyanin
generation of pyramided transgenic lines overexpressing CsDFR and CsANR is implemented for evaluation purpose in relation to flavan-3-ol accumulation and for analyzing their combinatorial influence on the improvement of overall antioxidant potential, no morphological difference is observed between the CsDFR/CsANR overexpressing transgenic plants generated by reciprocal crosses with each other. No significant changes in growth pattern are observed in pyramided transgenic tobacco lines as compared to control tobacco plants. Both reciprocal crosses do not show significant change in plant height, stem diameter, and number of leaves as compared to control tobacco plants, which are measured at the flowering time, but the pyramided transgenic lines show a higher number of fruits/capsules per plant, increased seed yield per plant, and weight of seed (grams) compared to control tobacco plants. Increased transcript expression of flavan-3-ol/anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway genes in pyramided transgenic tobacco plants occurs. Improved antioxidant potential under the influence of CsDFR and CsANR overexpression in pyramided transgenic tobacco plants. Phenotype, overview
isoform LAR1 gene produces active proteins upon expression in Escherichia coli and is affected by the same basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor that promotes proanthocyanidin accumulation in cells of palisade and spongy mesophyll
Results 1 - 4 of 4