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Amino acid exchange
construction of an egt1+ overexpression system by replacing its native promoter with the nmt1+ promoter, which is inducible in the absence of thiamine. Generation of a egt1+ deletion mutant, DELTAegt1, by replacing the target loci in the wild-type 972 strain with the kanamycin resistance marker (kanMX) leading to absence of all ergothioneine pathway intermediates and ergothioneine itself in DELTAegt1. Employment of three versions of the nmt1 promoter plasmid with increasing strength of expression and constructed three strains P81nmt1-egt1+, P41nmt1-egt1+, and P3nmt1-egt1+, respectively. Mutant DELTAegt1 strain shows no growth defects during cultivation in either rich (YE) or minimal (EMM2) culture media, deletion of gene egt1+ causes no significant perturbation to the intracellular metabolome of quiescent cells. No sensitivity or resistance of the mutant strains to oxidative stress compared to wild-type 972 strain
the NcDELTAEgt-1 enzyme knockout strain does not produce ergothioneine. The mutant strain is not pleiotropically affected in rate of hyphal elongation in Vogel's medium either with or without ammonium nitrate and in the rate of germination of macroconidia on Vogel's medium, the mutant is also not differently affected from the wild-type by menadione and cupric sulfate, but germination of NcDELTAEgt-1 conidia is significantly more sensitive to tert-butyl hydroperoxide than the wild-type, phenotype, overview
Results 1 - 2 of 2