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EC Number
Amino acid exchange
food industry
combinations of mutations in the three FAD3 enzyme genes are capable of producing soybean seeds containing only 1% linolenic acid in the seed oil
a mutant protein lacking 110 amino acids at its C terminus exhibits a drastic decline in its DELTA-15 desaturase activity compared to the wild type protein
generation of transgenic FAD3-antisense and FAD3-sense plants, penotypes, overview
omega-3 FAD gene disruption and stable recombinant expression of the gene in Chlorella vulgaris strain UMT-M1 via Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. Effects of disrupted omega-3 desaturase gene construct on fatty acid composition and expression of four fatty acid biosynthetic genes in transgenic Chlorella vulgaris, overview. The wild-type and transgenic mutant lines cultured under nitrate-deficient media display no significant differences. Re-emergence of the omega-3 FAD mRNA transcript subsequent to six months of cell culture maintenance
seed fatty acid profiles of tobacco showing alteration in transgenic lines compared to the untransformed control, analysis of transgenic rice seed fatty acid profiles, overview
Results 1 - 5 of 5