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EC Number
X-ray structure of a complex of the N and G domains of Ffh with the GTPase FtsY of the SRP receptor in the presence of the non-hydrolyzable GTP analogue GMPPCP
crystal structure of SRP54 with and without its cognate RNA binding site
crystal structures of the complex of signal recognition particle and signal recogition particle receptor show that the two GTPases associate via an unusually extensive and highly cooperative interaction surface and form a composite active site at the interface
hanging drop vapor diffusion method, 2.45 A crystal structure of the mammalian SRbeta in its Mg2+GTP-bound state in complex with the minimal binding domain of SRalpha termed SRX
ammonium sulfate precipitation or sodium citrate precipitation, structures of the NG domain of FtsY in two different forms: an apo and a sulfate-loaded form
crystal structure of the S-domain of signal-recognition-particle RNA at 2.6 A
two structures of the SRP GTPase Ffh NG-domains are determined at 1.1 A resolution providing the basis for comparative examination of the extensive water structure of the apo conformation
the crystal structure of PAB0955, free and in complex with six different nucleotides, is determined
the crystal structure of cpFtsY with bound malonate is solved at 1.75 A resolution
Results 1 - 10 of 18 > >>