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EC Number
analysis of correlation between overexpression of separase and aneuploidy in tetracycline-inducible diploid FSK3 mouse mammary epithelial cells
continuous overexpression of cmyc tagged TbSep is lethal to the cells
depletion of endogenous separase with siRNA in NSCLCs shows that separase affects progression through the G2 phase of mitosis. Analysis of the effect of separase depletion on irradiated cells (cell cycle progression, M-phase fraction, late mitotic-linked cell death and clonogenic survival)
enhanced cyclin-dependent kinase 1 activity due to deregulation of CDC27-anaphase-promoting complex leads in turn to hyperphosphorylation of Separase, impeding chromatid separation. Regulation of mitotic progression by transforming growth factor-beta in bone marrow stromal cells is through targeting the APC-separase pathway
expressed in HEK-293T cells
expressed in HeLa cells
expression of myc6-separase in 293T cells
expression of wild-type and C2029 mutant enzyme in 293 EcR and HeLa cells
generation of separase gene knock-out mutants
Results 1 - 10 of 14 > >>