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EC Number
Acid protease; AOAP; AP; Aspartic proteinase; aspergillopepsin; Aspergillopepsin A; Aspergillopepsin F; aspergillopepsin O; Aspergillopeptidase A; Aspergillus acid protease; Aspergillus acid proteinase; Aspergillus aspartic proteinase; Aspergillus awamori acid proteinase; Aspergillus carboxyl proteinase; Aspergillus niger acid proteinase; Aspergillus saitoi acid proteinase; Avamorin; Awamorin; carboxyl protease; Carboxyl proteinase; carboxyl proteinase I; Denapsin; denapsin 2P; Denapsin XP 271; extracellular aspartic protease; PepA; PEPO; Pepsin-type aspartic proteinase; Proctase; Proctase B; Proctase P; Proteinase B; Proteinase, Aspergillus acid; Proteinase, Aspergillus awamori acid; Proteinase, Aspergillus kawachii aspartic; Proteinase, Aspergillus saitoi acid; Sumizyme AP; Trypsinogen kinase
Aspergillopeptidase A
the enzyme belongs to the A1 peptidase family
Results 1 - 4 of 4