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EC Number
activated blood-coagulation factor X; activated factor X; activated Stuart-Prower factor; autoprothrombin C; blood coagulation factor Xa; blood-coagulation factor X, activated; clotting factor Xa; coagulation factor X; coagulation factor Xa; f.Xa; factor X; factor Xa; Fgl2 protein; fX; FXa; hXa; oscutarin; plasma thromboplastin; procoagulant factor X; prothrombase; prothrombin activator; prothrombinase; Stuart factor; thrombokinase; thromboplastin; thromboplastin, plasma; trocarin; Trocarin prothrombin activator; VAP; Virus activating protease; Xa
complex consisting of factor Xa and Va
enzyme complex consisting of factor Xa and factor Va, assembled in a calcium-dependent manner on the surface of phospholipid membranes
FXa belongs to the family of trypsin-like serine proteases
factor Xa
mature enzyme
blood coagulation factor X; factor X
Results 1 - 7 of 7