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EC Number
AAP; AARE; AARE/OPH; AAREP; AcpH; acyl peptide hydrolase; Acyl-peptide hydrolase; acyl-peptide releasing enzyme; acylamino acid-releasing enzyme; acylamino acid-releasing enzyme/oxidized protein hydrolase; acylamino-acid-releasing enzyme; acylaminoacyl peptidase; Acylaminoacyl-peptidase; acylpeptide hydrolase; acylpeptide hydrolase/esterase; alpha-N-acylpeptide hydrolase; ApAAP; apAPH; APEH; APEH-1; apeH-2; APEH-3; APEH-3Ss; APEHs; APH; APHdr; AtAARE; cAARE; DNF15S2 protein; N-acylaminoacyl-peptide hydrolase; N-acylpeptide hydrolase; N-formylmethionine (fMet) aminopeptidase; OP85; PhAAP; pi-APH; PM hydrolase; PMH; SpAAP; ST0779
apeH-2; sso2141; SSO2693
gene name
Results 1 - 2 of 2