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EC Number
12:0-ACP thioesterase; 12:0-acyl-carrier protein thioesterase; 14:0-ACP thioesterase; 14:0-acyl-carrier protein thioesterase; 16:0-ACP thioesterase; 16:0-acyl-carrier protein thioesterase; 18:0-ACP thioesterase; 18:0-acyl-carrier protein thioesterase; ACP-thioesterase; acyl-ACP TE; acyl-ACP thioesterase; acyl-ACP thioesterase B; acyl-ACP thioesterase FatA; acyl-ACP thioesterase FatA type; acyl-ACP thioesterase FatB type; acyl-ACP-hydrolase; acyl-ACP-thioesterase; acyl-acyl carrier protein (ACP) thioesterase; acyl-acyl carrier protein hydrolase; acyl-acyl carrier protein thioesterase; acyl-acyl carrier protein thioesterase B1; acyl-acyl carrier protein-thioesterase; acyl-acyl-carrier protewin thioesterase; acyl-lipid thioesterase; Acyl-[acyl-carrier protein] hydrolase; acyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] hydrolase; acyl–ACP thioesterase; acyl–acyl carrier protein (ACP) thioesterase; AH; Ah FatA; ALT1; ALT2; ALT3; ALT4; BnFatB(2); BTE; C12-specific thioesterase; C12:0 ACP TE; C14TE; C18:1-ACP thioesterase; C8-acyl-ACP thioesterase; CcFATB1; CcFATB2; ClFATB1; CpFATB; Deubiquitinating enzyme 14; FAT; FAT A; FatA; FatA-type thioesterase; FatA1 thioesterase; FatB; FATB1; FatB1 thioesterase; FatM; fatty acid thioesterase; fatty acyl-ACP thioesterase; HaFatA; hydrolase, oleoyl-[acyl carrier protein]; LC-FAT; LcFatB; MbFatB; MCFA specific acyl-ACP thioesterase; medium chain length fatty acid specific acyl-ACP thioesterase; medium-chain acyl-ACP thioesterase; MlFatB; oleoyl-ACP thioesterase; oleoyl-acyl carrier protein thioesterase; OTE; palmitoyl-ACP thioesterase; palmitoyl-acyl carrier protein thioesterase; PATE; PtFATB; saturated acyl ACP thioesterase type B; seed-specific acyl-acyl carrier protein thioesterase; SO-Fat; SpTE; STE; stearoyl/oleoyl specific fatty acyl-acyl carrier protein thioesterase; stearoyl/oleoyl-specific Fat; Ubiquitin thiolesterase 14; Ubiquitin-specific processing protease 14
acyl-ACP thioesterase
lauric acid biased
acyl-ACP thioesterase
myristic acid biased
ALT3; ALT4; FATB1; FatB2; FatB3; FatB4
gene name
isoform, specific for C8
C8-C10-specific thioesterase
isoform, specific for C14
oleoyl-[acyl carrier protein] specific
codon optimised SpTE containing replaced native codons from Escherichia coli MG1655- and W3110-favored codons
Results 1 - 10 of 11 > >>