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EC Number
Source Tissue
2,1-fructan:2,1-fructan 1-fructosyltransferase
green spear. Activity of 2,1-fructan:2,1-fructan 1-fructosyltransferase is high in the top portion and decreases during storage, while in the middle and bottom portions, its activity varies slightly. The ratio of 6G-fructosyltransferase and 2,1-fructan:2,1-fructan 1-fructosyltransferase is independent of temperature
sucrose:sucrose fructosyltransferase
green spear. During storage, activity of sucrose:sucrose fructosyltransferase does not vary in the bottom portion but initially increase in the middle and top portions
activity in all tested varieties is significantly higher in roots than in spears and leaves
1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase
ACC synthase is rapidly induced in excised top portions but no significant ACC synthase activity is observed in excised bottom portions. In top portions, ACC synthase reaches a peak 8 h after harvest and thereafter starts to decline
asparagine synthase (glutamine-hydrolysing)
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Results 1 - 6 of 6