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EC Number
General Information
loss of NDX-4 leads to upregulation of key stress responsive genes that likely compensate for the in vivo role of NDX-4 in protection against deleterious consequences of oxidative stress. NDX-4 deficiency protects nematodes from acute heat shock
physiological function
Ap4A-hydrolase is involved in regulation of cell proliferation, DNA replication, RNA processing, apoptosis and DNA repair. SARS coronavirus protein 7a interacts with human Ap4A-hydrolase in the cytoplasm
physiological function
the enzyme contributes to genomic stability in vivo in Caenorhabditis elegans
physiological function
the primary and secondary waves of platelet aggregation and dense granule release are strongly induced by nanomolar ENPP4 in the presence of Ap3A, while Ap3A alone initiates a primary wave of aggregation followed by rapid disaggregation. ENPP4 mediates platelet aggregation via release of ADP from Ap3A and activation of ADP receptors
Results 1 - 4 of 4