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EC Number
General Information
mutations in the Chy1 gene lead to a deficiency of benzoic acid-containing glucosinolates in the seeds
the chy1-10 mutation disrupts a peroxisomal HIBYL-CoA hydrolase, causing reduced cold-induction of CBF3 promoter (CBF3-LUC) in chy1-10. Transcription factors (CBFs) also reduced in the chy1 mutant. Chy1-10 mutant plants are more sensitive to freezing treatment than wild-type after cold acclimation. Both the wild-type and chy1 mutant plants are sensitive to darkness-induced starvation at warm temperatures, although chy1 plants are slightly more sensitive. Chy1-10 is allelic to chy1-1 and chy1-3, all of the examined alleles disrupt HIBYL-CoA hydrolase activity similarly. CBF3 overexpression in chy1-10 partially rescues the mutant defects in cold and dark responses. Disruption of the HIBYL-CoA hydrolase causes accumulation of reactive oxygen species
physiological function
a role for peroxisomal metabolism in cold stress signaling, and plant tolerance to cold stress and darkness-induced starvation. Is needed for fatty acid beta-oxidation and valine catabolism
Results 1 - 3 of 3