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EC Number
General Information
stilbene synthase 3 from Arachis hypogaea represents a type III PKS enzyme
stilbene synthase is a pivotal enzyme that catalyzes the biosynthesis of resveratrol
stilbene synthase, STS, catalyzes the biosynthesis of resveratrol
physiological function
expression of Arachis hypogaea resveratrol synthase in Oryza sativa. Compared to the wild-type rice, in which trans-resveratrol is undetectable, in transgenic rice, the trans-resveratrol achieves up to 0.697 microg/g fresh weigt in seedlings and 3.053 microg/g dry weight in seeds. The concentration of trans-resveratrol in transgenic rice seedlings can be induced up to eight or fourfold higher by ultraviolet or dark, respectively. Simultaneously, the endogenous increase of resveratrol protects the host plant from UV-C caused damage or dark-induced senescence
physiological function
overexpression of isoform STS6 from Chinese wild type Vitis quinquangularis in Vitis vinifera Thompson. The resistance to powdery mildew (Uncinula necator) is particularly enhanced in lines most highly expressing STS6. Compared with the non-transformed controls, trans-resveratrol and other stilbene compounds are significantly increased in the transgenic lines
physiological function
overexpression of the STS7 gene increases the resveratrol content in transgenic grape cells by 3.2-6.6 times as compared with control cells. The transformation also enhances dry biomass accumulation, resveratrol production therefore increases significantly, by 4.7-9.7 times, as compared with control cells
Results 1 - 6 of 6