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EC Number
General Information
chloroplast and cyanobacterial NDHs have an electron donor-binding subcomplex that is unique to oxygenic photosynthetic organisms, backbone structure of NDH complex common in cyanobacteria and chloroplasts compared to NDH-1 in membranes in heterotrophic bacteria
backbone structure of NDH complex, overview. Subcomplex structure of flowering plant NDH with specific subunits, four distinct subcomplexes: A, B, membrane-localized and lumen-localized subcomplexes. Dependence of the accumulation of nuclear-encoded NdhM-NdhO on that of NdhH-NdhL, and vice versa
physiological function
the chloroplast NADH dehydrogenase-like complex shows similarity to complex I in respiratory electron transport, and is involved in electron transport from photoproduced stromal reductants such as NADPH and ferredoxin to the intersystem plastoquinone pool. Chloroplast NDH may also be involved in the electron transport from stromal reductants to oxygen in chlororesipiration. Photosynthetic NDH apparently lacks subunits involved in electron input
Results 1 - 3 of 3