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General Information
reducing the expression of the enzyme promotes localization of TMEFF2 to the cytoskeleton and also results in increased cellular invasion in tumorigenesis
TMEFF2 interacts with SARDH and regulates the cellular levels of sarcosine. The tumor suppressor activity of TMEFF2 requires the cytoplasmic/transmembrane portion of the protein and correlates with its ability to bind to SARDH and to modulate the level of sarcosine
the enzyme interacts with the full-length follistatin motifs 2, TMEFF2. TMEFF2 has a dual mode of action. The ectodomain does not bind to SARDH. Ectopic expression of wild-type full-length TMEFF2 inhibits soft agar colony formation, cellular invasion, and migration and increases cellular sensitivity to apoptosis. Expression of the full-length TMEFF2 but not the ectodomain results in a decreased level of sarcosine in the cells
Results 1 - 3 of 3