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EC Number
General Information
physiological function
relationship between LRAT and Crbp1 during retinyl ester biosynthesis in which mitochondria associated membranes-associated Crpb1 and LRAT colocalize, and both surround the growing retinyl ester-containing lipid droplet. The N-terminus of LRAT, especially K36 and R38, is essential to colocalization with the lipid droplet
the catalytic triad includes histidine 60, tyrosine 154 and cysteine 161 in the LRAT structure
the key step of vitamin A metabolism is the esterification of all-trans retinol, catalyzed by lecithin/retinol acyltransferase, LRAT. Vitamin A metabolism in benign and malignant melanocytic skin cells with regard to expression, functional activity of LRAT, RPE65, and cRBP2 and their regulation, overview
vitamin A uptake from recombinant holo-retinol-binding protein exhibited by wild-type mice is impaired in Lrat-deficient mice. Lrat-/- mice show elevated cellular vitamin A-binding protein 1, CRBP1, protein in the liver, lung, and adipose tissue as compared with wild type control animals
<< < Results 11 - 14 of 14