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tetrachloroethene-depleted cells grown for several subcultivation steps on fumarate as an alternative electron acceptor lose the tetrachloroethene-reductive dehalogenase PceA activity by the transposition of the pce gene cluster. In the absence of vitamin B12, a gradual decrease of the PceA activity and protein amount is observed. In the presence of vitamin B12, a significant delay in the decrease of the PceA activity with an more than 90% loss after 20 subcultivation steps is observed. This corresponds to the decrease in the pceA gene level. In the absence or presence of exogenous vitamin B12, the intracellular corrinoid level decreases in fumarate-grown cells and the PceA precursor forms catalytically inactive, corrinoid-free multiprotein aggregates
the level of gene transcription for tetrahalogene dehalogenase is very low
dceA6 gene is expressed 10fold after exposure to tetrachloroethene
Results 1 - 3 of 3