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EC Number
Molecular and functional characterization of novel fructosyltransferases and invertases from Agave tequilana
Effect of temperature on soluble invertase activity, and glucose, fructose and sucrose status of onion bulbs (Allium cepa) in store
An acceptor-substrate binding site determining glycosyl transfer emerges from mutant analysis of a plant vacuolar invertase and a fructosyltransferase
Purification and characterisation of soluble invertases from leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana
Plant protein inhibitors of invertases
Plant invertases: structure, function and regulation of a diverse enzyme family
Crystal structures of Arabidopsis thaliana cell-wall invertase mutants in complex with sucrose
Point mutation of a plastidic invertase inhibits development of the photosynthetic apparatus and enhances nitrate assimilation in sugar-treated Arabidopsis seedlings
Normal growth of Arabidopsis requires cytosolic invertase but not sucrose synthase
Extracellular invertase is involved in the regulation of clubroot disease in Arabidopsis thaliana
Results 1 - 10 of 358 > >>