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EC Number
bifunctional enzyme with AIR synthetase activity and phosphoribosyl-glycinamide synthetase activity
copurification of AIR synthetase, glycinamide ribonucleotide synthetase, and glycinamide ribonucleotide transformylase
purification of a histidine-tagged enzyme by nickel-affinity column chromatography
purification of a histidine-tagged recombinant enzyme by affinity chromatography
purification of wild type and recombinant enzymes using C8-linked ATP affinity column
trifunctional enzyme with AIR synthetase activity, phosphoribosylglycinamide synthetase activity, and phosphoribosylglycinamide transformylase activity
using a recombinant histidine-tagged AIRS:cyanogen bromide Sepharose affinity resin
Results 1 - 8 of 8