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EC Number
drug development
the enzyme might be a good target for anti-fungal drug development
HOM6 deletion reduces Candida albicans cell adhesion to polystyrene, which is a common plastic used in many medical devices
enzyme is a target for inhibitor design for construction of antimicrobial agents
contrary to wild-type MGA3 cells that secrete 0.4 g/l L-lysine and 59 g/l L-glutamate under optimised fed batch methanol fermentation, the hom-1 mutant M168-20 secretes 11 g/l L-lysine and 69 g/l of L-glutamate. Overproduction of pyruvate carboxylase and its mutant enzyme P455S in M168-20 has no positive effect on the volumetric L-lysine yield and the L-lysine yield on methanol, and causes significantly reduced volumetric L-glutamate yield and L-glutamate yield on methanol
Results 1 - 4 of 4