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EC Number
Natural Substrates
Commentary (Nat. Sub.)
S-adenosyl-L-methionine + 7,4'-dihydroxyisoflavone
i.e. daidzein
S-adenosyl-L-methionine + 7,4'-dihydroxyisoflavone
i.e. daidzein, about 20% of the activity with 6,7,4'-trihydroxyisoflavone (i.e. glycitein). Key enzyme in the biosynthesis of the phytoalexin medicarpin in Medicago sativa
S-adenosyl-L-methionine + 7,4'-dihydroxyisoflavone
i.e. daidzein. 4'-O-Methylation of an isoflavonoid intermediate is a key reaction in the biosynthesis of the phytoalexin medicarpin in legumes. However, isoflavone O-methyltransferase from alfalfa converts the isoflavone daidzein to 7-O-methyldaidzein (isoformononetin) in vitro as well as in vivo in unchallenged leaves of transgenic alfalfa ectopically expressing IOMT. In contrast, elicitation of IOMT-overexpressing plants with CuC2 or infecting these plants with Phoma medicaginis leads to greater accumulation of formononetin (4'-O-methyl daidzein) and medicarpin in the leaves than does elicitation or infection of control plants, and no isoformononetin is detected
S-adenosyl-L-methionine + 7,4'-dihydroxyisoflavone
i.e. daidzein. The operationally soluble IOMT localizes to endomembranes after elicitation of the isoflavonoid pathway. IOMT colocalizes with the endoplasmic reticulumâ¬Ä¬ďassociated isoflavone synthase cytochrome P450 to ensure rapid B-ring methylation of the unstable 2,7,4'-trihydroxyisoflavanone product of isoflavone synthase, thereby preventing its dehydration to daidzein and subsequent A-ring methylation by free IOMT. In this way, metabolic channeling at the entry point into isoflavonoid phytoalexin biosynthesis protects an unstable intermediate from an unproductive metabolic conversion
Results 1 - 4 of 4