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EC Number
contains copper
1.1 Cu2+/subunit, increasing stimulation of activity by addition of up to 1 Cu2+/subunit, further additions up to at least 4 Cu/subunit gave neither stimulation nor inhibition
2,6-dimethylphenyl isocyanide as the isocyanide ligand demonstrated, first: the formation of a mono-DIMPI-four-coordinate complex at each copper, second: the formation of complexes containing more than one isocyanide per copper
3 mol of copper per mol of tetramer, MW 290000
4 atoms of tightly bound copper per tetramer
about 8 Cu2+ per tetramer
DBH is an ascorbate-dependent glycoprotein that requires two type 2 bound copper ions per subunit to be active. copper sites are labile and termed CuH and CuM, respectively. CuH is coordinated to three histidines and CuM to two histidines and a methionine. CuM is involved in dioxygen binding and is the site for substrate hydroxylation, and CuH is the site of electron transfer
enzyme contains a constant amount of Cu2+, 2 mol per mol of protein, and a variable amount of Cu2+, copper content is a linear function of the purity of the enzyme
Results 1 - 10 of 22 > >>