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EC Number
GeneOntology No.
budding yeast Esp1 is localized to the centrosomes and spindle before anaphase
human separase is associated with centrosomes but not with spindle before anaphase, featuring predominantly cytoplasmic localization in non-dividing cells
in fission yeast Cut1 features similar localization in the beginning of anaphase onset persisting on the spindle until mid-anaphase
separase binds terminin proteins and HP1, and that it is enriched at telomeres
Separase is present in the cell during the entire cell cycle, but excluded from the nucleus until the metaphase-anaphase transition
separase localizes to cortically located filamentous structures in prometaphase I upon oocyte maturation. After fertilization, separase disappears from these structures and appears on cortical granules by anaphase I
possibly localized in the nucleus, in the mitotic stage Cut1 is mobilized to the spindle poles and the spindle microtubules
the spatial localization of separase varies with the progression of the cell cycle. In interphase cells, separase is localized in the cytoplasm, but during mitosis it accumulates in the nucleus and associates with chromosomes
tumor cells significantly more abundant, immunofluorescence microscopy
<< < Results 11 - 20 of 21 > >>