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weak competitive inhibition, in peppermint plants grown under low-light conditions, (+)-menthofuran is selectively retained in secretory cells and accumulated to very high levels of up to 20 mM, whereas under regular growth conditions, (+)-menthofuran levels remain very low, below 0.4 mM
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although (+)-menthofuran does not inhibit (+)-pulegone reductase activity, stem feeding with menthofuran selectively decreases enzyme transcript levels in immature leaves, thereby accounting for decreased reductase activity and increased pulegone content, overview, the flux of (+)-pulegone through pulegone reductase correlates negatively with the essential oil content of menthofuran, such that menthofuran, and pulegone increase, or decrease, in concert, overview
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Results 1 - 3 of 3