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EC Number
General Stability
2-mercaptoethanol and EDTA stabilize
addition of 1% bovine serum albumin to the purified enzyme improves stability with 88% of the activity remaining after 4 days at 4°C and 93% of the activity remaining after 21 days at -80°C
enzyme solubilized by sodium deoxycholate and Triton X-100, -20°C or 4°C, 24 h, more than 50% loss of activity
freezing and thawing, 67% of the activity is recovered after one cycle, 70% loss of activity after 5 cycles
subunit interactions play an important role in stabilizing the enzyme in addition to the intrinsic enhanced stability of its monomer
trypsin solubilized enzyme, no loss of activity after 14 days at 4°C, 20% loss of activity after 14 days at -20°C
wild-type and mutant enzyme C142S/C188S, the anomalous high stability of the hyperthermophilic enzyme originates from the unusually slow rate of unfolding reaction during treatment with guanidine-hydrochloride
Results 1 - 7 of 7