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Details for cytoskeleton of presynaptic active zone
Gene ontology ID
The specialized cytoskeletal matrix of the presynaptic active zone. It has specialized functions in organizing synaptic events such as immobilisation or translocation of synaptic vesicles, and assembling active zone components. It is believed to form a molecular scaffold that organizes neurotransmitter release sites
1. active zone cytomatrix
2. CAZ
3. pre-synaptic cytoskeletal matrix assembled at active zones
4. pre-synaptic dense body
5. pre-synaptic ribbon
6. presynaptic cytomatrix assembled at active zones
7. presynaptic cytoskeletal matrix
8. presynaptic cytoskeletal matrix assembled at active zones
9. presynaptic dense body
10. presynaptic ribbon
11. ribbon
12. synaptic ribbon
13. T-bar
14. T-bar ribbon
1. GOC: dh
2. GOC: dl
3. GOC: ef
4. GOC: jid
5. NIF Subcellular: sao1470121605
6. PMID 10944438
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