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Details for T=pseudo3 icosahedral viral capsid
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The protein coat that surrounds the infective nucleic acid in some virus particles where the subunits (capsomeres) are arranged to form an icosahedron with pseudo T=3 symmetry. The T=pseudo3 capsid is composed of 12 pentameric and 20 hexameric capsomeres
T=pseudo3 capsids are not T=3 symmetry as described by Caspar and Klug (PMID:14019094) because the basic unit is composed of three different proteins. Since the three subunits are morphologically very similar, the structure is therefore a pseudo T=3.
1. UniProtKB-KW: KW-1143
2. VZ: 809
3. VZ: 809 "T=pseudo3 icosahedral capsid protein"
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