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Details for Cus cation efflux complex
Gene ontology ID
Transmembrane complex that mediates resistance to copper and silver by cation efflux directly from the cell using the proton-motive force. Spans the inner membrane, periplasm, and outer membrane. Primarily activated under anaerobic conditions by CusR and CusS but also expressed under extreme copper stress, in aerobic growth
An example of this is CusA in E. coli (UniProt symbol P38054) in PMID:23122209.
1. copper efflux complex
2. copper efflux system
3. Cus cation efflux system
4. silver efflux complex
5. silver efflux system
1. GOC: bhm
2. PMID 23122209
3. IntAct: EBI-9010676
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