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Details for type V protein secretion system complex
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A complex of proteins that permits the translocation of proteins across the outer membrane via a transmembrane pore, formed by a beta-barrel, into the extracellular milieu or directly into host cells; the secreted proteins contain all the information required for translocation of an effector molecule through the cell envelope. The type V secretion systems includes the autotransporters (type Va), the two-partner secretion system (type Vb) and the Oca family (type Vc)
Note that the type II protein secretion system complex does not include components of the Sec or Tat pathways. For components of these pathways, consider annotating to 'cell envelope Sec complex ; GO:0031522' or 'TAT protein translocation system complex ; GO:0033281'.
1. autotransporter system complex
2. T5SS complex
1. GOC: bf
2. GOC: bhm
3. PMID 15119822
4. PMID 15590781
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