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Details for ciliary transition fiber
Gene ontology ID
A nine-bladed, propeller-like protein complex that links the distal end of the basal body and the cilium to the plasma membrane. Functions in protein sorting and gating (i.e. active and passive transport of proteins in and out of the cilium)
In mammals, ciliary transition fibers comprise at least five components (Ccdc41/Cep83, Cep89/Cep123, Sclt1, Fbf1, and Cep164) (PMID:24469809).
1. centriolar distal appendage
2. cilial transition fiber
3. cilial transition fibre
4. ciliary transition fibre
5. cilium transition fiber
6. cilium transition fibre
7. distal appendage of basal body
8. distal appendage of centriole
9. distal appendage of mother centriole
10. transition fiber
11. transition fibre
1. GOC: cilia
2. GOC: kmv
3. GOC: krc
4. PMID 22653444
5. PMID 24231678
6. PMID 5064817
7. PMID 5335827
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