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Details for nuclear pore inner ring
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A subcomplex of the nuclear pore complex (NPC) that forms the inner rings of the core scaffold, a lattice-like structure that gives the NPC its shape and strength. In S. cerevisiae, the two inner rings are each composed of Nup192p, Nup188p, Nup170p and Nup157p. In vertebrates, the two inner rings are each composed of Nup205, Nup188 and Nup155. Components are arranged in 8-fold symmetrical 'spokes' around the central transport channel. A single 'spoke', can be isolated and is sometimes referred to as the Nup170 complex
1. Nup170 complex
1. GOC: dgf
2. PMID 18046406
3. PMID 19524430
4. PMID 20947011
5. PMID 22419078
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