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Details for Cdc48p-Npl4p-Vms1p AAA ATPase complex
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A multiprotein ATPase complex involved in the release of polyubiquitinated proteins, including those damaged by oxidative stress, from the outer mitochondria membrane into the cytoplasm where they are presented to the proteasome for proteolysis, a process also referred to as mitochondria-associated degradation (MAD). In budding yeast, this complex includes Cdc48p, Npl4p and Vms1p
1. Cdc48p-Npl4p-Vms1p complex
2. Vms1-Cdc48-Npl4 complex
3. Vms1p-Cdc48p-Npl4p complex
1. GOC: rn
2. PMID 21070972
3. PMID 21936843
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