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Details for death-inducing signaling complex
death-inducing signaling complex
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A protein complex formed by the association of signaling proteins with a death receptor upon ligand binding. The complex includes procaspases and death domain-containing proteins in addition to the ligand-bound receptor, and may control the activation of caspases 8 and 10
Gene products that may be annotated to this term include: 1) ligand-bound receptors such as FAS/CD95 (though care should be taken because FAS can also act as a non-apoptotic signal transducer); 2) signaling molecules such as FADD (FAS-associated protein with a death domain), cIAPs (cellular inhibitor of apoptosis proteins), c-FLIPs and caspases 8 and 10.
1. death receptor-induced signaling complex
2. death receptor-induced signalling complex
3. death-inducing signalling complex
5. DISC protein complex
1. GOC: mtg apoptosis
2. PMID 12628743
3. PMID 12655293
4. PMID 8521815
5. Wikipedia: Death-inducing signaling complex
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