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Details for AP-2 adaptor complex
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A heterotetrameric AP-type membrane coat adaptor complex that consists of alpha, beta2, mu2 and sigma2 subunits, and links clathrin to the membrane surface of a vesicle, and the cargo receptors during receptor/clathrin mediated endocytosis. Vesicles with AP-2-containing coats are normally found primarily near the plasma membrane, on endocytic vesicles. In at least humans, the AP-2 complex can be heterogeneric due to the existence of multiple subunit isoforms encoded by different alpha genes (alphaA and alphaC)
1. HA2
2. HA2 clathrin adaptor
1. GOC: mah
2. PMID 10611976
3. PMID 21097499
4. PMID 22022230
5. PMID 24322426
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