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Details for inward rectifying potassium channel
Gene ontology ID
A protein complex that comprises four pore-forming (Kir6.x) and four regulatory sulphonylurea receptor (SURx) subunits and forms a transmembrane channel through which ions may pass. The opening and closing of the channel is regulated by ATP: binding of ATP to the Kir6.x subunit inhibits channel activity, whereas binding of Mg2+-complexed ATP or ADP to the SURx subunit stimulates channel activity
1. ATP-sensitive potassium channel complex
2. inward rectifying K+ channel
3. KCNJ11-SUR complex
4. KCNJ11-SURx complex
5. KCNJ8-SUR complex
6. KCNJ8-SURx complex
7. Kir6-SUR complex
8. Kir6.1-SUR complex
9. Kir6.1-SURx complex
10. Kir6.2-SUR complex
11. Kir6.2-SURx complex
12. Kir6.x complex
13. Kir6.x-SURx complex
1. GOC: bhm
2. PMID 16308567
3. PMID 16956886
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