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Details for excinuclease repair complex
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Any of the protein complexes formed by the UvrABC excinuclease system, which carries out nucleotide excision repair. Three different complexes are formed by the 3 proteins as they proceed through the excision repair process. First a complex consisting of two A subunits and two B subunits bind DNA and unwind it around the damaged site. Then, the A subunits disassociate leaving behind a stable complex between B subunits and DNA. Now, subunit C binds to this B+DNA complex and causes subunit B to nick the DNA on one side of the complex while subunit C nicks the DNA on the other side of the complex. DNA polymerase I and DNA ligase can then repair the resulting gap
1. excinuclease ABC complex
2. UvrABC excinuclease complex
1. GOC: mah
2. GOC: mlg
3. PMID 12145219
4. PMID 15192705
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