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Details for cell envelope Sec protein transport complex
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A transmembrane protein complex involved in the translocation of proteins across the cytoplasmic membrane. In Gram-negative bacteria, Sec-translocated proteins are subsequently secreted via the type II, IV, or V secretion systems. Sec complex components include SecA, D, E, F, G, Y and YajC
Note that this term represents the protein complex involved in transport of proteins across the cytoplasmic membrane. For proteins involved in bacterial type II secretion across the outer membrane, consider annotating to 'type II protein secretion complex ; GO:0015628'. For proteins involved in Sec-complex dependent translocation into the eukaryotic endoplasmic reticulum, consider annotating to 'endoplasmic reticulum Sec complex ; GO:0031205'.
1. plasma membrane Sec complex
2. Sec complex
3. Sec secretion complex
4. Sec translocation complex
1. GOC: mtg sensu
2. PMID 15223057
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