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Details for type II protein secretion system complex
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A large protein complex, containing 12-15 subunits, that spans the cell envelope of Gram-negative bacteria and mediates the movement of proteins into the extracellular environment. The complex includes a component in the cytoplasm, an inner membrane subcomplex that reaches into the periplasmic compartment and a secretion pore in the outer membrane. Proteins using the Type II pathway are transported across the cytoplasmic membrane by the Sec or Tat complex
Note that the type II protein secretion system complex does not include components of the Sec or Tat pathways. For components of these pathways, consider annotating to 'cell envelope Sec complex ; GO:0031522' or 'TAT protein translocation system complex ; GO:0033281'.
1. general secretion pathway-associated complex
2. main terminal branch
3. MTB
4. Sec-dependent secretion system-associated complex
5. T2SS-associated complexes
1. PMID 16448494
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