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Details for Elongator holoenzyme complex
Gene ontology ID
A heterohexameric protein complex that is involved in modification of wobble nucleosides in tRNA. The complex can associate physically with hyperphosphorylated RNA polymerase II; it contains two discrete heterotrimeric subcomplexes
Despite its name, this complex is no longer thought to be directly involved in transcriptional elongation (PMID:23165209).
1. Elongator core complex
1. GOC: bhm
2. GOC: jh
3. GOC: mah
4. GOC: vw
5. PMID 11435442
6. PMID 11689709
7. PMID 15769872
8. PMID 17018299
9. PMID 18755837
10. PMID 23165209
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